Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Zebra Z Grip Flight Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Z Grip Flight

The Zebra Z Grip Flight is a ballpoint pen, made mainly from plastic with a rubber grip and a metal clip with Zebra etched into it. I love the design. The white and the rich blue really compliment each other. It's an attractive pen.

I love this shade of blue

It's lightweight and with the smooth rubber grip it's a very comfortable pen to hold, even for lengthy periods of time.The little dimples on the grip are pretty cute too.

The pen uses low viscosity ink although to begin with I wasn't particularly impressed. The very first time I wrote, I found the pen left me with lots of thick blobs throughout my writing. My writing looked messy and the blobs took an age to dry. Yes the flow was consistent but it didn't look nice. There were two of these pens in the pack and both were the same. I gave the pens a really good shake and after a few paragraphs and lots of scribbles it began to look much better. Now that I have been using them for a couple of days the blobbing has stopped. I'm getting a consistant and even flow of ink and I've had zero skipping so I've forgiven the Zebra Flight for it's little hiccup. The pen feels extremely smooth on paper. It's absolutely no effort at all to use.

Zebra refill not available for this pen

Dedicated refills are not available for this pen although you can refill it with a refill from another pen/brand if you wish. Refills of this size are widely available. I know some people like to mix and match with refills but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. Unless it's a refill specifically intended for that pen, I don't feel like its the same pen anymore. I've created something completely different and it just feels wrong. But the option is there for those of you who don't mind.

Zebra Z Grip Flight writing sample

I did get a slight smudge on the smudge test but it's not often I deliberately rub my finger across the words in that way so during normal use it should be ok. I'm a lefty and I didn't have any problems but I do write with my hand below my line of writing and turn my paper sideways slightly so I rarely smudge anyway. The ink didn't bleed through the page so I could happily use both sides without any issues.
The clip is reliable and sturdy. It clips onto paper and pockets well, without sliding about or falling off. 

a clicky button should be seen and not heard

The only annoyance I have with this pen is the clicky button. When it's pushed in it rattles and slides in and out. It doesn't affect the use of the pen, I just find it annoying as I can sometimes hear it rattling as I'm writing.

Its not a bad pen. It's not the best and it's by far not the worst I've used. The Zebra Z Grip Flight is an everyday ballpoint that can handle everyday writing tasks with ease.

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