Friday, 11 April 2014

Uniball Insight Liquid Ink Rollerball

Uniball Insight

These are my Uniball Insight Liquid ink Rollerball pens. The bright colours immediately grabbed my attention. The pens are made of plastic and the colour of the pen is the same as the colour of the ink. Although wouldn't it be interesting if that wasn't the case?! Purple pen with green ink and green pen with red ink. I'll put it in the Uniball suggestion box, although I wouldn't be surprised if such pens existed already. When I realised that the same set which also includes a pink pen is available I felt a little sad inside. I think the pink pen and I would have got on like a house on fire.

0.7 mm tip

The pens have a stainless steel 0.7mm tip which gives you a 0.5mm line. The finer the tip the better for me. My handwriting looks a little less clumsy with a finer tip.The smooth plastic grip is slightly thinner than the barrel so my fingers slot in very comfortably with no slipping. The pens are lightweight and I don't feel the need to grip them tightly. The colours on the tip are a nice touch. The lids are very secure and need that extra little bit of strength to remove.

'Insight' into how much ink is left

The pens have a see through strip on the barrel which allows you to see how much ink is left. Such a simple but very effective idea. It means I can see at a glance how reliable my pen will be at completing the task assigned to it. This pen speaks the truth and allows me to make decisions accordingly.

 liquid ink bubbles
The Uniball Insight pens use liquid ink which flows from the tip beautifully. It doesn't matter how much pressure I apply, hardly any or pressing hard, the result is the same. It writes smoothly but theres just enough resistance on the paper to prevent the pen from running away with me.
I love the ink colours. They are bright and cheerful although I would have liked the purple to be a little bit brighter so it stands out more.The pens claim to be waterproof and fade proof although I haven't actually tested this out for myself. The packaging states that "The ink will not wash out of clothing" so I'll take it's word for it. I'm not prepared to ruin a t shirt in an effort to prove it wrong. I'm now reassured by the strong lids as I definitely don't want accidental ink blotches anywhere knowing it will be permanent.

lovely colours

The picture doesn't do the colours any justice but I wanted to show what I mean with the purple.

press me

The lids make me want to press them as if they were a magical button. Press down on it and your child will be ejected from their computer chair and fired off to the park to actually play with real people and experience fresh air and sunshine. They are not actually buttons and don't actually press down but if they did, I'm sure thats what they would be for.

The Uniball Insight is fun, colourful and a pleasure to write with. This is a pen that I'd be happy to use for any occasion, be it doodling and making the most of the colours, or toning it down with the black or blue for a work assignment or letter writing. It ticks all the boxes.

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