Sunday, 6 April 2014

Cross Disney Cinderella Beverley Pearlescent Ivory Ballpoint Pen

Cinderella is ready to meet her Prince
Behold the beauty of my very first Cross pen. I'd been eyeing it up for a while. The instant I saw it I knew it had to be mine. It's beautiful. The images really capture the imagination, reminding me of my childhood and my love for fairy tales and happy endings. The glossy lacquer finish is just perfect. This pen is also available in Light Blue but the Pearlescent Ivory won me over.
Your carriage awaits
It's an absolute joy to use. The ink flows perfectly and effortlessly, never letting me down. There's no gloopyness, it's smooth and consistent every time.
It's quite a weighty pen but evenly distributed which is pleasing. I'm not a fan of having to constantly battle with a pen just to keep it in an upright position due to too much weight on one side or another.
There's no actual grip but I don't feel as if this pen needs one. The shape, widening from the tip up makes for a very comfortable pen to hold.
Change refill with ease
It's extremely easy to change the refill. You literally just gently pull the pen in half, unscrew the refill and pop a new one in.
Magpies look away now

The clip bears the Cross signature and I love the cute little flick at the end. It's very secure. I'd clip this to my shirt with the knowledge that this pen is going nowhere until I unclip it. I haven't experienced any sliding about or frantically retracing my steps for a lost pen with this clip.
Lovely detail
Do I like this pen? I love it! I wouldn't use it for ordinary things like shopping lists or for work. It's too nice. I want it to stay clean and in perfect condition. It stays indoors for letter writing and diary entries. It brings out the dreamer in me. This is a pen for life!

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