Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Emma Bridgewater Starry Skies Ballpoint Pen

Emma Bridgewater Starry Skies

My Mum bought me this Emma Bridgewater 'Starry Skies' Ballpoint pen for Christmas. I'm a fan of the beautiful Emma Bridgewater pottery so I had high hopes and expectations for this pen. 
It looks very pretty. The blue stars really stand out against the white background. 
The pen is fairly comforable to hold but it can occasionally be a little slippery. I blame that on the way I hold it. I like to hold pens fairly close to the nib as it gives me more control. As the metal tip of the pen is quite long, its where my fingers end up, hence the slipping. It's smooth to write with and the ink flow is reliable.No issues at all with it's writability.

twist mechanism and strong clip

The clip is quite bulky but attractive at the same time,with Emma Bridgewater stamped into it. It is a good, sturdy clip, holds well when attached to something. If you want to clip this onto paper I would recommend removing it very carefully. I found that pulling it off carelesslessy, as you do, causes it to mark its territory. I ended up with a scratch line in the paper leaving any detective in no doubt as to where the 'Starry Skies' pen has been. It looked like someone had pressed too hard whilst drawing a line and made indentations on several pages.

stripped bare

To change the refill unscrew from the top, above the clip. Refills of this type are available from most good stationery shops.

damaged in pen pot?

Unfortunately, not long after I had the pen the silver coating started peeling away from the tip revealing the copper colour underneath. It has been stored in a pen pot with many other pens, probably knocking together as pens are taken in and out on a regular basis. It's a shame as it really spoils the appearance. 

So there we have it, the Emma Bridgewater pen that I had such high hopes for. Visually, it has let me down slightly but to be fair to the pen, it writes well. It does what its supposed to do and it does it well. I expected too much so its flaws caught me by surprise. If I were to purchase another Emma Bridgewater pen I'd store it differently and hopefully it would remain pleasing to look at forever more.

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