Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bic For Her Medium Ballpoint

Bic For Her

This is the Bic For Her ballpoint pen which I purchased quite a while ago now. The pen is plastic with a gorgeous rubber grip and a metal clip. It's retractable with a pink clicky button. This is one of the prettiest Bic pens I've used. Bic have really pushed the boat out where detail is concerned.

Pattern on tip adds extra grip

The beautiful swirly pattern runs all the way from the tip of the pen, through the rubber grip and up the barrel.
The pen is slightly thicker than your average ballpoint and together with the comfortable grip and it's light weight, it feels great to hold. I do find that my fingers end up half on the grip and half on the tip as it's how I feel most in control, but it's not an issue. The slightly raised detail on the tip gives me enough extra grip to prevent any slipping. So it's not just a pretty face. The pen writes very smoothly. As I've said before, I don't like it when a pen is so smooth that it feels slippery on the paper and this Bic pen has got the balance just right.

Close up -  highlights flaws that would probably have gone un noticed

The Bic For Her uses oil based ink. If you click on the image above to enlarge it you will be able to see that I'm not getting consistent ink flow. It's not skipping completely but its definitely having a little trouble keeping up. It's not even noticeable unless you look really closely so I wouldn't really say its a big deal. There is no blobbing or gloopiness. I'm getting a nice clean line.

Good strong clip

The clip is strong and reliable. I always have a pen with me, whether attached to my clothing or in my bag so a clip I can trust is important. Otherwise the pen has to stay home.

refills available

Refills for the Bic For Her are available to buy. To refill you simply unscrew at the tip and replace. Make sure you keep the spring as refills often come without them.

Overall, I'd say I'm pleased with my purchase. The pen writes well, its comfortable, it's cute. Whenever the need for a pen arises, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up my Bic For Her.

You may be aware that this pen has caused quite a stir, the "For Her" title being the reason. There were many very funny reviews posted online poking fun of this pen, some took a sarcastic approach and some were in my opinion way over the top. I can't even be bothered to jump onto that bandwagon as I really couldn't care less. I'm interested in the pen. How does it write? How does it feel? How does it look? I'm certainly not offended and if I was, I would simply choose not to buy it. One thing I will say is this, at least Bic can say they got people talking about their pens!

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