Welcome to my wishlist. As a collector of pens I can tell you that every pen on this planet is on my wishlist. I want to try them all. Here are just a few of the pens I currently have my eye on.


Isn't it beautiful?!! One day I might be the lucky owner of this pen but at £520
it may be a while until that day arrives!


SC. Lucht & Probst Fotografica Pen - only 500 made. Contains a 2mm Stanhope lens with scenes from the 1950s as well as being a beautiful pen. Now where did it leave that spare £300? It's around here somewhere

Cross Botanica Purple Orchid Rollerball - GORGEOUS!!!

Troika Phone Scribbles Rollerball
A pen that resembles my notepads. I must have!

Waterman Kultur Ballpoint Pen
Also takes rollerball refills so definitely a winner for me. Great price too.

Parafernalia Flirt Orange Ball Pen
Unusual and eye catching

Parafernalia Revolution Blue Ball Pen
Quirky looking - wonder what it feel like to use? Worth a try just for its cool design

Cross Tech 3 Metallic Blue Multi Pen
This pen has it all. Stylus, black ink, red ink and pencil.

Brass Fisher Space Pen .375 Bullet Ballpoint

Lamy Safari Yellow Rollerball 
 Love the colour and it look so comfy to hold

Faber-Castell Design Ambition Black Roller Ball
This is one good looking pen
Faber-Castell Loom Lilac Metallic Roller Ball
The purple got me. I must have

Sheaffer VFM Ruby Red Roller Ball
eautiful colour. Don't own a Sheaffer yet so about time I did!

Just want to see if it's as hardy as advertised







































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