Friday, 28 February 2014

Zebra Z-Mulsion Ex Ballpoint Pen

Zebra Z-Mulsion Ex
I bought this Zebra Z-Mulsion Ex for £1 at Asda today. The pen is mainly plastic, with a rubber grip and a metal clip, which I originally thought was plastic too but after some light tapping against my teeth, it appears it is actually metal.

Metal clip, very secure when attatched to my note pad
The pen uses Zebra's oil and water emulsion which is "optimised for super-smooth ink glide" and a smooth ink glide is exactly what you get. This is no ordinary ballpoint. It's much more inky, so much so that I felt I was actually using a rollerball. I guess thats the Emulsion ink working it's magic. The ink dries superfast, and as a left hander this is important. I don't want unsightly smudges all over the page.

Z-Mulsion ink test

This pen is almost too smooth. Theres next to no resistance on the paper, along with the fact the pen weighs very little, I was in danger of losing control and allowing the pen to take over. I managed to show the Zebra who was boss and order was restored. The ink flow is consistant every time I pick this pen up. This is a pen I feel I can rely on for important tasks like notetaking and not find myself scrambling about in my bag for a back up.

Its refillable
The Z-Mulsion Ex is refillable with a Zebra EQ refill. To refill, just unscrew the tip and pop a new refill in, careful not to lose the spring. 
All in all, it's a great pen. It looks smart, its reliable, and feels nice to use. For the price I paid, I'm one happy bunny.  

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