Sunday, 23 February 2014

JCB Parker Promotional Pen

JCB promotional pen

I got this Parker pen from my Dad, who got it from work. 
I love the design. The lid says 'JCB World Class Customer Support' and the barrel which is the most interesting part, shows the major cities around the world. By matching the cities up to the times on the lid you can see the time zone differences around the world. It's pretty cool. 

Rubber grip, so smooth and comfortable

The JCB Parker is mostly plastic with a rubber grip which is extremely comfortable to hold. The grip is long enough so that it doesn't matter how I hold the pen, it always feels comfortable and soft on my fingers. It's a lightweight pen so together with the excellent grip I can write for a lengthy period of time, without experiencing any sort of hand fatigue. 

Takes Parker Medium Rollerball refill

Depending on what angle I'm holding my Parker, it can sometimes feel a little scratchy on paper. I do think it depends on the paper too. I find that when in a scratchy mood, it writes much smoother if held in a more upright position. The ink flow is perfect from any angle and dries super fast. To refill, just unscrew in the middle and the refill will slide out, ready for its replacement.

Poorly Parker

Sadly I've cracked the lid. This has happened over time, not through heavy handedness, just general wear and tear which is such a shame. As soon as I saw the first hint of a crack I was extra careful but it didn't make any difference. 
Despite the crack in the lid and the occasional scratchyness, I've become quite attached to this pen. It's not a pen you can get hold of just anywhere, in fact I've not seen another like it so if you have one, let me know!


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