Friday, 28 February 2014

Zebra Z Grip Animal pens

I don't know my cheetahs from my giraffes

I got these Zebra Z Grip Animal pens in my Christmas stocking. My family have come to accept my pen obsession, even if they don't quite understand it and they know they can't go wrong with pens.
The fab, snazzy designs really catch your eye. If I saw someone using one of these I'd immediately know it was a Zebra. The designs are Zebra, Cheetah (which for ages I actually thought was a Giraffe) and a Tiger.

Flexi Zebra clips

They have a rubber ribbed grip which is comfortable enough to hold and metal clips with Zebra etched onto them. The clips are quite flexible so unless they are clipped to something reasonable thick, I don't completely trust them. I have major meltdowns when I lose a pen so I'd be constantly checking to make sure it's still there. Best stored in my handbag or pocket I think.

Z Grip ink test

Fun design aside, I'd say these pens are not much different from any other ballpoint pen within the same price range. They write smoothly, there's no scratching, the ink flow is good. I haven't had to do any scribbling to get them going. All in all they are decent pens. Nothing out of the ordinary though. But then I wasn't looking for anything amazing. I like the pens and they do exactly what I expect them to do.

DIY refill possible
The Zebra Z Grip Animals are not refillable with their own refill, but I don't see why you couldn't replace the ink from another less interesting pen if its the same size. I always think it's such a shame when a pen reaches retirement so I try to prolong their life wherever I can. What good is a pen if you can't use it?

slightly mismatched but who cares?

If I could change one thing about these pens? It would be the line where the pattern joins up. It's not a big deal. It doesn't affect me or the way the pen works in any way, I'd just rather not see it.
I'd still recommend these Zebra pens. They are fun, and everybody should have at least one Zebra in their life.

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  1. I Love these Pens :)