Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sports Direct Promotional pens

Sports Direct promotional pens

I'm shopping for a new school bag for my son. It has to be black, preferably Nike, no weird colours. I've scoured the shelves of 3 sports shops already, I'm fed up, I hate shopping at the best of times and here I am in Sports Direct. They have the bag. Its black, its Nike and theres no weird colours. The queue is massive, the till staff are working at their own leisurely pace and I need a wee. Its my turn to pay. I'm offered the massive bag for life. No thanks but thanks for asking. And there they are, the pens, the only thing I actually don't mind shopping for. I pick up a set of 3. "I'll have these as well please"  The till op looks surprised. I'm guessing by the full pen box that they're not exactly bestsellers.
I go home pleased with my unexpected purchase and quite happy I had to go shopping for a bag!
For 69p for the three, I wasn't expecting a great deal, and not a great deal is exactly what I got. I had to change the refill in the blue and black pen straight away as the ink was dry. Apart from that, the pens are fine. They are just your average ballpoint pen, but I couldn't help myself. I have a soft spot for promotional pens. However crappy they might be.

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