Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lamy Tipo Rollerball - Pink

Lamy Tipo rollerball
I bought my very first Lamy this week. At £5.75 its at the lowest end of the price scale. The entire pen is made of plastic. It has a pink barrell, with a black ridged grip and a black clip. To expose the nib you press the clip down and to hide it you press the clip in. The clip is unclippable unless you retract the nib which can only be a good thing as it stops you from accidently marking your clothes or pockets or the inside of your handbag which is a regular occurance for me.

Lamy M66 refill
The pen uses a Lamy M66 refill and is easily replaced by unscrewing.
Writing with this Lamy is an absolute pleasure. It glides effortlessly across the page becoming one with the paper. It almost feels spongy but in a good way. The refill is a medium point and I do think my writing looks quite thick. Its not too thick though that its a problem if you have really small handwriting. I still got good clear lettering.
One small issue though - The grip can become a little uncomfortable after a while. I dont know if its because the ridges are plastic and quite deep or if its just the way I hold the pen. After just a few minutes of writing it felt like it was digging in and left marks on my fingers. Perhaps I was gripping it too hard?  I only mention it because most pens I use enable me to write comfortably for a long period of time without these comfortableness issues ever crossing my mind.

Lamy tipo rollerball sample
Despite the grip issue, I really like this pen. Its a pen I'd be happy to keep in my handbag for everyday note taking and list writing and so on. A great all rounder.

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