Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pentel EnerGel - Breast Cancer Campaign

Pentel EnerGels
These are my two Pentel EnerGel rollerball pens. I was fortunate enough to win the blue one in a competition on the Pentel Facebook page. The pink one was bought in support of the Pentel breast cancer campaign. I find it difficult to resist a pink pen at the best of times but when it's for such a good cause I'm more than happy to buy. For each pen sold 25p is donated to the charity.

Both pens are retractable, are made mainly of plastic with the pink pen sporting a metal clip and both have a slightly textured rubber grip. These pens are easy on the eye, not too over the top but still inviting. The blue pen is actually a darker blue than the picture shows. The sun had come out to play and was shining brightly on the happy Pentel couple.

Grips of Greatness
The grips on these pens make me want to jump for joy. They are everything I ask for in a grip and more. They are the perfectly placed so I can hold the pens as close to the tip or as far away as I like and with the discreet little flick at the end of the grip I can write slip free. The Pentels are light in weight and an average width, not so thin that my fingers gets tangled up in my efforts to hold them and not so thick that they become awkward and clumsy. They are just right - I feel like a modern day Goldilocks and I've just discovered Baby Bears writing desk.

Pentel EnerGel writing sample
It's not just the grips on these pens that I'm smitten with, I'm also totally in love with the ink. The pens feel velvety smooth on paper, each and every mark I make is a pleasure. Imagine your favourite chocolate (Galaxy for me) melting in your mouth, savour every moment, now that's how these pens feel to me to write with. The ink flows freely and consistently leaving a wet look but drying very quickly making them great for left handers. Skipping, false starts or smudging are not in this pair of Pentel Energels vocabulary.

Refillable - providing never ending joy
The Pentel EnerGels are refillable and the 0.7mm  refills are available in black, blue, red and violet (I would have liked a green but no pen is perfect) The refills are easy to change. These pens unscrew either at the clip or the grip and the refills just sit inside, no messing about, easy peasy.

Funky clips
Both clips kept my pens safe in my pocket for a whole day at work, the pink Pentel clip being the one I trusted the most as it clipped just that little bit tighter than the blue pen. The small striped detail near the clips give the pens (and my pocket) character, poking out ever so slightly, taking in the sights of the workplace. My Pentel EnerGels make a good team and are happy to take it in turns for desk time.

In order to make this a balanced review I need to talk about the pens bad points - I don't own one in every colour and design, that's unacceptable and must be dealt with sharpish.

Maybe my high praise for the Pentel EnerGel seems a little over the top but these pens just keep on giving. Not once have they given me cause for annoyance and every time I use these pens they become my favourites all over again.

If you want to do your bit and support Breast Cancer Campaign then why not head over here and purchase your very own Pentel EnerGel today. 

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