Monday, 5 May 2014

Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Liquid Ink Rollerball

Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint Rollerball
The Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint is a plastic pen with a metal clip. The appearance of the pen isn't exactly oozing with wow factor but maybe Pilot thought they would let the pen speak for itself and allow the beauty from within to shine through? Lets see..

Extra fine 0.5mm Needlepoint tip

The V5 weighs very little which helps me out quite a bit with the grip area being so smooth. It means I can hold it comfortably without slipping. I don't need to grip too hard to keep it balanced and I feel like I'm in complete control. The clear plastic on the grip area means I can easily keep track of my ink usage.

I was expecting the needle point tip to feel quite delicate and to maybe feel a bit of flex whilst writing but I was completely wrong. It is firmly in place and feels surprisingly robust. I'm quite confident this needlepoint will stand the test of time.

V5 writing sample

The V5 is an extra fine 0.5mm tip and I really love how the thinner lines look. A thinner tip makes my writing look so much neater. The lines are clean and sharp. The ink flow is impressive. There are no false starts, no skipping, although on more absorbent paper I did experience some fuzziness but it's a common issue with rollerballs. When writing normally the ink drys almost immediately. With heavier use such as in the image above it can take a few seconds before it is completely dry. The heavier marks on the sample above did bleed through the page and left a few marks on the opposite page too.
My first impression when thinking about the smoothness of the pen on paper was that it was a little scratchy. It wasn't as effortless as I would have liked. I think with it being an extra fine needlepoint it's bound to feel a little sharp. Having said this, after a few days of getting to know the V5 I found myself subconsciously adapting my grip and the pressure I was applying and found my writing experience improved massively. Paper plays a part too, the smoother the paper the smoother the pen feels to write with. It was just a case of getting used to a different type of tip and now I can honestly say a fine needlepoint is my favourite so far.

Don't be frightened to leave your mark Pilot

The metal clip has Pilot etched into it but it's barely noticeable unless you hold it up to the light, and even then I had to get the angle right to see it clearly. The lid itself is extremely secure and posts well. The lid may even be a little too secure. You'll know it's on properly because it will click. To take it off requires some force. Just hold it away from your face when you pull to avoid giving yourself a thick lip when the lid is eventually pulled free. Maybe I'm just weak. I don't know. The best way to get the lid off easily is to pull it quickly, a bit like ripping off a plaster.
A secure lid, even if it is annoyingly too secure (could just be me) is a good thing. If I lose this pen it definitely won't be because the lid was loose. The clip is quite flexible and clips firmly onto even just one sheet of paper.

Not refillable

Unfortunately this version of the Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint is not refillable. However a refillable version is available - the Pilot V5 Cartridge system which uses a cartridge like a fountain pen. Had I known this at the time of purchase I would have definitely waited and sought out the refillable option.
The V5 is also available in red, blue, green, violet, pink and turquoise which I'd love to try at some point, especially the green.

So maybe it wasn't love at first sight but it's no nonsense appearance has grown on me. This is a pen I can rely on to make my writing look as presentable as it will ever be. It's a pen I can rely on to not lose its head lid when times get rough and it's a pen that will provide me with a consistent flow of ink until the bitter end.

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  1. Excellent review! I use the pen too, for writing and sketching. Although it is intended to be non-refillable, it is possible to carefully prise the top portion (just above the grip section) attached to the needlepoint nib with pliers and fill the tank with Rotring drawing ink. In India Luxor manufactures ink especially for this pen. Thank you!